Brandmeier Freeform – Friday, January 31, 2014

Today on Brandmeier: Johnny gets ready for Super Bowl weekend with the worst national anthems, party ideas, and drinking games; Gino celebrates Chinese New Year; Buzz tells us what’s happening this weekend; Movie Man shares sad stories about working in show business, and more.

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  • WhatTheHell

    Why is 'GN no longer hosting the FULL show as a podcast for Brandmeier every day? This is my main reason for coming here, now I find the last full show is from the end of January? It was bad enough that 'GN replaces Brandmeier on the AM with that HORRIBLE morning show, now we can't even find the full podcasts online anymore? Leave it to WGN to take yet ANOTHER backwards step, another reason radio really sucks these days, and why internet radio is so much better. Restore the FULL PODCASTS, having radio-only or clips of shows is a BACKWARDS DIRECTION, time to catch up again and leave the Wally era behind!

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